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MindSpa Psychiatry

Adult Psychiatry & Telemedicine located in Boynton Beach, FL

Get the help you need with enjoyable and fun online psychiatry sessions. Talk about your symptoms without feeling judged or pressured in a comfortable and safe space, and get the treatment you need without the hassle.
Fast and Convenient
We understand it can be uncomfortable seeing a mental health provider. That's why we've made our services accessible from the comfort of your home, with experienced and caring staff.

Safe and Secure
All calls and communication are encrypted and private. Our services are safe, secure, and fun. You’ll feel better and more confident after seeing us—You can rest assured that everything you share with us is entirely confidential.
More than Just a Helping Hand
After evaluating your symptoms thoroughly, your doctor will create a treatment plan tailored to your needs. We can electronically send prescriptions to your pharmacy and provide follow-ups to ensure you are on the right track to feeling your best!
Your Mental Health is Important to Us
MindSpa is your safe space. If you are struggling with mental health, you can talk to us about it and get support and your prescriptions. Finally, feel like yourself again!
Every Mind Deserves to be Healthy.
We believe that when people come together and support each other, we become stronger—and that's why we have partnered up with several insurance providers to help you get better access to the care you need.

Don't see your insurance listed? Don't worry! We are currently expanding our network of insurance providers to help you better.
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About MindSpa Psychiatry

MindSpa Psychiatry offers compassionate mental health care that recognizes the unique needs of each individual. The caring team diagnoses and treats patients through telemedicine, allowing them to provide psychiatric care to adults throughout Florida from their office in Boynton Beach.

Patients experience the best of personalized care from this nurse-owned practice. Though the team participates with many insurance providers, they also ensure everyone can get the mental health care they need by setting affordable rates for self-funding patients.

MindSpa Psychiatry specializes in medication management and prescription refills. They perform psychiatric evaluations and offer therapy for patients diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. Patients often seek the team’s help for insomnia and challenging conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Whether patients have a mental health disorder, they’re going through a challenging time, or they want to change their lives, the caring team at MindSpa Psychiatry is ready to listen, help set goals, and create customized care plans.

As experts in mental health, MindSpa Psychiatry empowers each person to make positive changes in their life. To learn more about their services or how to access telemedicine, call or request an appointment online today.

Accessible Psychiatric Care For All
You can receive the care you need, even if you don’t have insurance. Our affordable rates also make it easy and accessible for self-funding patients.
Initial Evaluation
The first consultation is where you and your provider address your symptoms and formulate a customized treatment plan to help you get back on track.
Routine Follow-Ups
Routine follow-up sessions keep track of your general progress and prescriptions.

Redefining Mental Health Care with Telemedicine
We're here for you. With telemedicine, we help you get the mental health care you need. Here’s how you can get started in four simple steps:
steps to get started
steps to get started
See What Our Patients Have to Say
We care deeply for our patients. MindSpa has helped many individuals lead more peaceful lives. Here is what some of them have to say about us:
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"The best psychiatrist’s I have ever had I really can’t rate them highly enough."
Benjamin G.
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"It can very difficult finding the right help for mental health and I would recommend MindSpa to anyone!"
Angel C.
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"Marie and her team have been more than helpful in treating my mental health. I was looking for a psychiatrist who would... take the time to listen... Without her, I'd probably still be in the dark place I was in, but with help of her and her team, she's helped me reach a place of stability and growth "
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"MindSpa has done everything the can to give me the best psychiatric care possible. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for help, like I have."
Ryan M. 
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"Setting up an appointment to discuss my symptoms with Marie was the best decision I've made in years - my quality of life since my first visit has been drastically improved. Thank you Marie!"
Brent K. 
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"MindSpa has been life changing. It's been hard to find a medication regimen that works for me, especially with my co-existing medical conditions. Within a few sessions, I'm on the right track and feel the best I have ever felt. "
Kelsea L. 
Heal Your Mind for a Better Tomorrow.
Our Goal at MindSpa is to remove the stigma surrounding mental health. Our trained and experienced psychiatric professionals provide an easy, safe, and secure way to receive care at your fingertips.
Have any questions? Let us clear your doubts.
Let Us Help You Feel Better
We understand that sometimes seeing a provider can be daunting, especially if you're struggling with mental health symptoms like depression or anxiety. That's why our team is committed to providing an enjoyable experience for our patients.